Philosophy, art, and science are not the mental objects of an objectified brain but the three aspects under which the brain becomes subject.

Gilles Deleuze

Hi there! My name is Kendra, and I originally intended 110% Melody to be a source for live-streaming musicians. Fans want more direct access, and I was going to help artists make connections.

That was the idea back in October 2019, and it led me to join a business incubator in February of 2020. I think we all know what happened next; plans change in a moment.

Failure stings, but it helped teach me about myself and what I want out of this life. I have since pivoted and now it serves as a cloak of autonomy for my own creative endeavors: photography, music production, and songwriting. It will be the only evidence I was ever here, and I intend to give 110%.

You cannot fail, you can only produce results.

Wayne W. Dyer